Tom Hess music career mentoring program review

Tom Hess, instructor, mentor and music savant has been an invaluable asset to Troubadour North. Lee Gattenby, Troubadour’s lead guitarist, vocalist and manager has been mentored by Tom since 2005. Much of the band’s success is due to the advise given him from Tom. It is only fitting that a Tom Hess review appear on the band’s website.

“It takes more then just the ability to play your instrument to be a good musician.”  There are many things that musicians/bands overlook that separates the good from the phenomenal.  Its one of the first and lasting lessons that Tom teaches that has made a huge difference.  It has vaulted Troubadour North from being an average hack band to being one of Alaska’s top country bands.

Average bands (people, musicians), do average things.  The problem is, most bands/people do not know what ‘average’ is.  To really understand the difference, you need the guidance of an individual who has been where most bands/musicians have been.. and succeeded.  It begins with a desire (to be a good musician, form a band, etc).  What one does with that desire is largely a matter of mindset first and action second (and not the other way around).  Luck is NOT part of the equation (average band thinking dictates otherwise).  Tom Hess has a Music Careers Mentoring program and a Rock Band Success program that removes the trial and error approach that musicians stumble through (aka Luck). Through these programs, you get a crystal clear assessment of where you are currently as a musician/band and where you NEED to go.

Part of this journey is finding like minded, motivated musicians who share the same desire and goals through his programs (you learn how to find good musicians).  A lot can be done with a network of high quality people who have your back.  By high quality, I mean players who are not in it for selfish motivations.  They are not competing with you.  They are organized, motivated and passionate about their dreams.  They don’t see themselves better (they don’t have to… excellence is self evident) and they don’t ridicule others.  Basically, a no trolls allowed environment.

This Tom Hess review would not be on Troubadour North’s band page if we did not experience for ourselves the massive positive changes it has made for us and others.  Many of our peers have seen major success through the implementation of his strategies.  Success deters skepticism, it did for us.