I am very excited to have worked with the following artists listed on this page. Please take a look at these links, especially if you are not in the Kenai, Alaska area (because they may be near where you are). I can personally vouch for every individual listed on this page as being dedicated to the music craft.

Bands and Artists

A musical collaboration born out of necessity, what started out as a throw together alaskan band has taken a life of its own. Alaska’s own Country Music and Classic Rock, together in one convenient mix. Troubadour North, the Dance Band from the Northland!

Perpetuating the flame of Neo-Classical Metal further is George ShredKing Engelbrecht with his totally unique and fresh style of Renaissance Metal. True compositional glory combined with breathtaking technique makes for true Artistry.

Where great melodies meet powerful leads, where odd-time signatures do not detract from your listening experience, where there is no fear to move across styles while remaining faithful to a rock core – there you will find the music of progressive rock guitarist Tommaso Zillio. Feast your ears with the new generation of progressive rock.

Boston Singer Songwriter Lauren Bateman pens songs about heart-ache and redemption. She mixes emotional lyrics with a big drum sound for a solid rock experience.

Avant-garde post metal surrounded with melodic vocals, aggressive guitar work, complex drumming, and passionate lyrics.

Looking to discover new blues guitar music? Listen to the guitar playing of this young from Belgium. This guitar music features highly emotional blues guitar playing.

Have a craving for NeoClassical shred guitar? JB Andrews.

Chris Fury is a professional guitarist from Long Island, NY. He is an active session musician, composer, rock instrumental solo artist and guitar instructor where he is dedicated to having his students reach their goals.

Ken K is a guitarist, performer, and award-winning songwriter who writes and plays songs that help to influence people to feel good and to appreciate the moment. Give it a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

Arguably one of the best gypsy jazz guitarists in Italy, Dario Napoli’s latest record GYPSY BOP is truly a unique blend of European and American jazz, in a sultry, all-acoustic setting.

Du suchst einen Session- Gitarristen, hast einen Studiojob oder brauchst sogar Gitarren- Verstärkung für deine Band? Malik ist ein vielseitiger und flexibler Gitarrist aus Göttingen, der vor allem im Rock und Metal zu Hause ist, andererseits jedoch vor keiner Herausforderung zurückschreckt. Wenn du saubere und solide Arbeit an der Gitarre suchst, nimm Kontakt zu ihm auf.


Whether it’s writing/producing the perfect song for your recording artist(s) or finding the right music for TV/Film, music producer and songwriter Rovan Deon of The Duke Music Factory makes it easy for you in the most seamless manner. We create good songs so you don’t have to.

Whether you need production assistance with a music project, session guitar work, tuition and advice in recording and production or help with songwriting, London Music Producer James Scott can offer you the tools you need to take your music to the next level, with a range of online and in-person production services.

Online Resources

Whats going on with music in Alaska? Well now you can find out! We have CD reviews, artist reviews, musician classified and gigs in Alaska. Its the one-stop information shop for all things music in the land of the rising sun.. Music Punks!


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All of these artists and instructors are by far the most motivated individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to zip me an email and I will do my best to help you out!