Rusty Singleton

Bassist & Band Bodyguard

Bassist & Band Bodyguard

Standing at 6’6″, Rusty Singleton grew up  in Alaska, raised in a music-filled home by two active musicians. From an early age, he was exposed to the likes of George Thorogood and ZZ Top, among others.  He calls upon a wide range of influences for his playing, from his classical education to the likes of Metallica and Dream Theater.

As he grew up, he pursued his inclination towards music by playing woodwinds from  elementary school through HS graduation.  During his freshman year of high school Rusty discovered his true musical calling: the bass guitar.


Singleton is a skilled sight reader and has played in the pit orchestras for many of the musicals put on by the local performers guild, such as “The King and I” and “Grease”.

Singleton’s bass chops bring a youthful edge to Troubadour North’s sound and is a huge draw to the college age crowd.

Rusty in his previous band

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