Stage Specs

This page is up for our sound guys (we love you!).  We get asked for our stage specifications and back line set up often.  The more information we can get to the sound tech, the easier their job becomes.


2 piece ensemble

This is our typical configuration for intimate venues, restaurants and private parties.  Typical volume is around 60-80 decibels.

3 piece ensemble

This is another intimate venue configuration.  The mic’ing  of the percussion and the vocalist depends on the size of the venue.  Volume is around 70-85 decibels.

4 piece ensemble

This is one of our full presentation configurations.  Listening to the four piece in comparison to our smaller configurations is like hearing a whole different band (and its better!).  If you want to fill a dance floor, this is the configuration you want!  Volume levels vary from 80 (yep, we can be really quiet) to 100 decibels (cymbals spike into this range) at 20′ from the stage.

Depending on the venue, we may also mic the snare and cymbals and move signal from the bass DI and kick to the subwoofers.  Additionally, pay attention to the front stage power requirements.  Power is needed for the pedalboard.

5 piece ensemble

This is the full meal deal configuration.  You will hear us play songs were normally cannot perform in this configuration (piano driven songs).  This is not a configuration we do often because of the size of the band foot print is 25% wider then the four piece.  Stage space is an issue.  Drum configurations (mic’ing of the snare and cymbal overhead) will depend of the capabilities of the venue.  Power to the front of the stage is needed for Keys and Pedalboard.

To get a good idea of stage volumes refer to this noise decibel guide.