Stop Human Trafficking Concert

Troubadour North Jamming Up Child Trafficking & Slavery

As part of more than 300 simultaneous concerts in over 30 countries, Troubadour North is jamming Soldotna, AK for the GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM Event on 11-11-11 to fight the worldwide trafficking, enslavement and exploitation of children


Photo courtesy of Karlee Granath – High Tide Studios (907) 394-2844

On the 11th of November 2011 (11-11-11) an amazing global collaboration is taking place. Bands, solo artists and a variety of other musicians are coming together in harmony for a historic worldwide stance against child trafficking and slavery.

Human trafficking accounts for approximately 30 million people enslaved today. That’s more than all four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade combined. 80% of these slaves are women. 50% are children – children forced into the sex trade (raped up to twenty times a day) or as child soldiers (often made to kill their own friends and families) and high-risk laborers (working dangerous jobs that no adult would ever consider). Childhoods stolen. Childhoods exploited and abused.

The band Troubadour North is joining over 300 bands in more than 30 countries to help “jam up” the trafficking of children around the world as part of the 11-11-11 GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM, hosted by the TRAFFIC JAM Campaign (TRAFFIC JAM). On 11-11-11, Troubadour North will be playing at the Vagabond Inn, Kenai, AK at 9pm and will share a message of awareness about the global trafficking of children.

Map to Vagabond Inn

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Paul Myhill, the President and Founder of TRAFFIC JAM remarked, “We are truly happy to have Troubadour North representing Kenai, Alaska as part of the GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM. Troubadour North is truly helping to raise exposure for this heinous trade in children that exists today.”

“As an artist, it’s important to do good in the world and make it a better place. Being a part of this effort is the least we can do. LET’S ROCK!” – Lee Gattenby, Lead Guitarist


The TRAFFIC JAM Campaign unites bands, celebrities and fans in the fight to stop child trafficking and slavery through personalized online fundraising pages and live events hosted all over the globe. By the end of 2011, more than 450 bands in over 40 countries will have participated in TRAFFIC JAM music events to raise awareness and funding to re-abolish slavery in our time.
The TRAFFIC JAM Campaign works in over 75 countries through more than 120 partnerships with trusted front-line practitioners engaged in human trafficking prevention, rescue and aftercare (restoration/rehabilitation) programs. 100% OF FUNDS RAISED GO DIRECTLY TO THESE IN-FIELD SPECIALISTS. No administrative fee is ever taken out by the TRAFFIC JAM Campaign for operational and fundraising costs. The TRAFFIC JAM Campaign is truly unique in this regard. To date, the TRAFFIC JAM Campaign has impacted over 15,000 children the world over. Childhoods rescued. Childhood restored.

More information can be found at and at our new page on Facebook at Please also view our GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM page on our website at


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The emphasis of the group has always been centered around strong male vocals. Taken from the country genre are Montgomery Gentry style duo harmonies mixed with Jeff Moore infused guitar virtuosity. The musical result is Journey-esque power ballads and Brad Paisley styled story telling that fills dance floors.

TRAFFIC JAM CONTACT: Paul Myhill, President & Founder