Why hire us?

What We are

Troubadour North is a professional band providing live music for private parties, official functions, wedding receptions, festivals, clubs, restaurants and businesses. We primarily perform Country music, Classic Rock and Americana. We service the Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, Seward and Anchorage circuit.

Our performances are high caliber, practiced, measured (meaning we are careful with our volumes) and play tasteful music presentable to all audiences.  We have the resources to play large outdoor festivals or small intimate venues.

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Troubadour North is available in the following configurations

Sound Guys, please review our Stage Spec’s page for stage configurations.

  1. Five piece electric ensemble.  Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.*
  2. Four piece electric ensemble. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.*
  3. Three piece acoustic ensemble.  Two acoustic guitars and a cajone.
  4. Two piece acoustic ensemble.  Two acoustic guitars.
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*OUTDOOR VENUE COORDINATORS: Please make provisions for covered vehicle access to the stage the bands are to perform on. There are few things more heartbreaking to a band then to see a stage 500′ away with no way to get their large expensive amplifiers/drum kit to it (it means we have to carry it). Its even worse if its raining.

We are more then willing to work with you. But carrying 800+lbs of gear several hundred feet to the stage is not only labor intensive, its incredibly hard on the equipment AND its demeaning to the musician. Doubly so if we are performing Pro Bono (for free).

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What we are good at

  • Troubadour North is centered around harmony vocals.  The instruments accompany the singing and not vice versa.
  • The music selection is designed to get people on the dance floors.
  • The music level is measured so that people in attendance can have a conversation from across a table comfortably without having to yell.  However the band can be loud enough to be heard comfortably by 4000+ outdoors.
  • The band has extensive experience performing for wedding receptions and corporate events.
  • The band is able to provide a Master of Ceremonies.
  • Troubadour North promotes their shows through mailing list and multiple social networks.
  • The band is equipped to play small intimate venues or large outdoor concerts.
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What we are not

  • A ‘Party Band’.  We want people to have fun but not be irresponsible because our performances.
  • A group that gets inebriated on or off stage.  We are professionals that treat our performances like one would treat their job.
  • Crude or inappropriate.  We want your children to enjoy our music too.
  • A bunch of beginners.  The band is seasoned and experienced (both in life and in business).
  • Cheap.  Although we do play pro-bono for worthy causes, do not expect us to perform without compensation.

Please check out our MEDIA page to see live footage of our performances.

For booking or a press kit, see our CONTACT page